My Kitchen Rules…Canberra is AWESOME…apparently

So tonight we’re off to Canberra and the newly dating “awesome” couple…now I wasn’t thinking to greatly of these two last night.  They were a tad annoying, not Little Misses Posh annoying, but still they were slightly annoying.  I can’t wait to see Mr and Mrs Cheese sitting with the others tonight, I’m hoping Mr Cheese lets Little Misses Posh know when they’re talking crap…I mean the boy didn’t want to cook the crap out of the steak last night.

It was rather interesting that I popped into Country Town 2.0 today to check out the new classroom and ended up at the boss’ house for a while and the repeat of last night’s episode was on, it was good to see the new boss thought the way that I did about the episode, there were some very similar comments from the two of us.

Oh look…a crazy pineapple face thing for breakfast is amazing and awesome…oh dear lord we could be in for fun and games tonight.

Okay it is not Supermarket Sweep, you can walk through Coles, there is no need to run.  Let alone all the different alcohol they require for their dishes, good thing they don’t live somewhere that has alcohol restrictions (yes Country Town, I’m thinking of you!!!).  Now hang on they ran everywhere and it still took them three hours to do Coles and the fish shop, I’m sure Canberra wasn’t the biggest place in the world.  Then there’s the saga with the decorations, seriously keep it simple, no need to get too full on with decorations.

But we’re 10 minutes in and I’m over their voices already, she’s just so loud and squeaky…oh honey, breath and tad.  As for him, well I personally couldn’t deal with him full time, my head would explode rather quickly.  Thank god she is starting to settle and attempting to settle him down, he’s starting to float around the room a tad…focus already mate.

Oh surfer dads, what’s with your outfits boys????  Ummmm interesting to say the least.  Why do every team jump up and down when the doorbell rings?  It’s not like they don’t know it is going to ring.

Nothing like flicking the channel during the ads and coming to The Block and finding contestants getting lost driving around Melbourne and confused about gyprock and then going to The Biggest Loser where poor Shannon and The Commando are putting up a web of how the contestants know each other.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen The Commando laugh so much before.  Okay back to MKR.

The instant restaurant doesn’t seem overly spectacular to me, or the other contestants, Berralicious named apparently about Canberra being delicious and there’s some pretend hot air balloons and bikes…yes ever so Canberra like.

Little Miss Posh has started dropping overseas travel places…I think I’ll keep count tonight…1. Rio, 2. London… oh and she mentioned America and Russia with the food served tonight…oh look, not as many countries as I was expecting tonight, I’m slightly disappointed…not!

Entrée – Shrimp in a barrel…what the???  Got to love a bit of Keen’s curry powder, but I’m not sure about everything else it’s mixed with, pineapple juice, Jack Daniels, god only knows what else.  Frying peas…WTF???  Oh look and now they’re frying them one by one…why are they frying peas anyway???  Andrew appears to have lost the plot with the sauce, this is going downhill for them.  Oh dear lord they’ve hung the prawns from a skewer that goes across the top of the glass, put some sauce and green stuff on top if the prawns in the glass and the fried peas on the spoon and then “finger fived” each other…I’m honestly scared by this.  I’m starting to dread main course and we don’t even know what the other contestants and the judges think yet other than not knowing where the barrel is.  Oh good, Manu is as confused with everything as I am.  Thank you Pete for stating that you would rather a dish that tastes great than one that is presented perfectly.

Main – Gourmet Gumbo with Seafood and Chorizo Sausage…um Little Misses Posh no need to dumb it down for the less Posh of us.  However, feel free to stop defining everything and relating it to another place you have visited or lived it, seriously a deconstructed stew, oh please, whatever!!  We’ve waited an hour now, and oh no, the prawns still have the poo chute in them and the mussels have things stuck on them and they’re arguing about it…good thing there’s lollipops for decorations as the natives are restless…and starving!  Poor Mr Cheese is famished, he’s gotten into 5 lollipops, the poor kid’s going to start getting hyper at the rate he’s going…I think we’re closing in on two hours by the time they finally appear with the rustic, slightly messy, inconsistently sized main course, poor blonde twin got a tiny serve and Little Miss Posh almost wore it as it was put in front of her.  Pete’s making the dish sound ever so not delightful as he only enjoyed the sauce.  Manu on the other hand thinks the additional ingredient was stress.  You have to love Mrs SA hating that she has to say the dish isn’t great, I’m loving her, she’s so sweet.

Dessert – Chocolate Cherry Tart with Kirsch Cream.  Oh crap, Andrew’s discovered his crazy side…mate focus on the whipping of the cream, not on singing Whip It while attempting to whip the cream and curdling it twice…oh well no kirsch in the cream.  Well dessert looks alright, however they are breaking the cardinal rule about not tasting their food and I’m personally hoping that Pete or Manu pick them up on it.  Oh FFS Little Misses Posh, are you able to say something positive???  Please, I’m begging, you think it smells burnt, but I didn’t hear anyone else say anything, Manu didn’t think it was burnt, or Pete for that matter…and surfer dad basically thinks you’re being a nasty pants just because you can, I’m definitely agreeing with him.


Qld – 5

WA – 4

NSW – 4

Vic – 4

SA – 3

They’re going to be shattered when they hear the scores…poor things…and yes Little Miss Posh smiled a big smile when she heard the Canberra couple got 20 from the other contestants…not appealing darling!

Pete and Manu…

Entrée – Pete 3, Manu 1…hooly dooly a 1, holy heck, I don’t know what to say to that!!!

Main – Manu 5, Pete 4

Dessert – Pete 7, Manu 7…mind you I could listen to Pete talk about desserts all night.

Thanks again to the channel 7 maths boffins for their quick addition skills…the total score is…47 out of 110.

Tomorrow night we’re off to…Queensland with the surfer dads on the Gold Coast…and the preview shows we’re going to get a 10.  Looks good if you ask me.



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