Road tripping…the final part of the journey to Country Town 2.0


Well folks…I’m writing this on Sunday night…actually it’s just gone midnight, so technically it is Monday morning and sometime around the time it is due to be posted I’ll be leaving on the journey that will actually get me to Country Town 2.0.  It’s 1,250km (777 miles) so I’m taking it easy and stopping at a major town just over 800km away and then doing grocery shopping before the last stint on Tuesday.

I left Country Town on December 14th and I got to Melbourne on December 18th and it is now January 20th…so it’s been a nice break.

It’s also been a rather interesting holiday in the city for a number of reasons.  In the last 37 days the following things have happened:

  • I had time with my family, my mum and sister and my dad.
  • I saw relatives that I haven’t seen in nine years…my auntie, her partner and my cousin…and yes you did read correctly when you read nine years.
  • I celebrated my mum’s birthday.
  • I celebrated Christmas twice…well I am Ukrainian Orthodox so I get Christmas again on January 7th, but we celebrated it the night before.
  • I went to New Year’s Eve fireworks…okay there were the early ones, but they weren’t too bad.


  • A friend got married on New Year’s Day (well technically New Year’s Eve, but since he’s from PNG and I’m in Australia and he married an American in America it was New Year’s Eve for him when he married, but New Year’s Day my time when he married)
  • 2 friends passed away…one by their own hands and another through illness.  Both beautiful women who have left us far too early in life.
  • I met two famous chefs…George Calombaris (amazing chef and judge on Masterchef) who I wrote about here after going to Gazi restaurant and Darren Purchese who I wrote about here who create amazing desserts
mum, George Calombaris and me

mum, George Calombaris and me

mum, my sister, Darren Purchese and me

mum, my sister, Darren Purchese and me

  • I had some great food at Gazi restaurant, Burch and Purchase Sweet Studio, Zumbo patisserie and the Brighton Schoolhouse Cafe among other places.

desserts from Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio


Lemon meringue pie from Zumbo patisserie Melbourne

  • I saw Grease the musical, which I wrote about here.
  • I went to the tennis, saw Bernard Tomic pull out with an injury, saw Rafael Nadal work up a sweat, listening to Maria Sharapova grunt, groan, squeal…whatever that noise is, and was only a couple of metres away from Redfoo, which I wrote about here.
  • Watched a few movies…Saving Mr Banks is quite good.  Jack Ryan was pretty decent.  The Wolf of Wall Street, 3 hours long, a lot of swearing, but I really liked it (I need to actually finish the book one of these days seeing as I started it a few years ago and never finished it, life took over then for a while).
  • Watched all six seasons of Numb3rs with my dad…yes every single episode.  We we binge-watching which is always good and it was a great show.
  • And of course met my favourite footballer!!!!  Josh Gibson!!!!  (And yes I have written about him before…it was early on in this blog’s life…it is here.)
Me and Josh Gibson

Me and Josh Gibson

So now I get to drive to Country Town 2.0…where I will start work in a couple of weeks, back in a classroom of my own after four long years without my own classroom…and where I will be living on a property 35km (22 miles) out of town…on my own….which may be interesting!!!

I think the buildings in the middle of all this dirt are where I'm going to be living...I'll find out soon!!!

I think the buildings in the middle of all this dirt are where I’m going to be living…I’ll find out soon!!!


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