American Idol 2014

Last night the new season of American Idol started on Australian TV…now I love a good reality show…actually scrap that…I love a bad reality show at the best of times.  I will admit that I have watched all the episodes of Jersey Shore and honestly how can you not laugh at some of the rubbish they get up to???

American Idol only made it onto free-to-air tv in Australia last year, but I had seen it while living overseas and online after that and last year was interesting with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey (got to love a Mariah darling princess moment).

So it started last night with Jennifer Lopez back after a break…and apart from a bit of very bright pink lipstick she was looking absolutely gorgeous, Keith Urban back again…and as an Australian you have to think that Keith is damn hot, and new judge Harry Connick Junior…and unlike majority of those that were auditioning I like a bit of Harry Connick Junior and I actually know who he is.

There were a few interesting characters auditioning…not as many as I recall previously, but it was only the first episode.

But you had to love the young kid with the “stage mum” who was so proud of the fact that he would be going to Hollywood without his mum and that when he went to get her before he sang she would “either cry or pee”.

And the cheerleader…

But I think the best was the last person of the night who knew who Harry was, much to his shock after everyone being after J-Lo and not him and ended with him cradling the bloke like a baby while he sang…which was funny as well as creepy.

And by the way…the chamber they have to go in before going in front of the judges is kind of creepy in a way.


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