Australian Open…tennis WTF is she wearing and Bernard Tomic


Like I alluded to in the last post I went to the Australian Open last night…the bonus of being in Melbourne for holidays and while going between Country Town and Country Town 2.0.

So last night was rather interesting at the tennis…for those of you that don’t know the Australian Open has two sessions a day…at least in the first 10 or so days.  The day session and the night session…now the night session on Rod Laver Arena, which is the main court is due to start at 7pm, unless of course like last night Lleyton Hewitt was still playing.

Now I didn’t mind too much except it was quite hot yesterday…43C (110 F)…so sitting around waiting was good when there was a breeze, which seemed quite rare.

It started off annoying because the heat caused problems for the trams, which meant having to walk 15 minutes to get to the tennis…thank goodness for water.

So I got something to eat and drink (at an obscene price…seriously $6.80 for a frozen coke or frozen raspberry drink…thankfully I was so hot it was worth it.

I got comfy and saw the last two sets of Lleyton’s match on a big screen…and yes I had on sunscreen and a hat…actually a nice new purple Rafa Nike cap (a girl can never have too many caps).

I also managed to go past Alicia Molik (former Australian tennis player) and Red Foo raced past me as he came through a gate and raced up the stairs…you have to know who Red Foo is…in case you don’t the bloke in the photo below is Red Foo..mind you when I saw him yesterday he had on pink leopard print shorts…yes scary I know.

Red Foo with his girlfriend tennis star Victoria Azarenka…image from

Lleyton Hewitt…image from

The ridiculous thing is there was more talk in the Australian media today about the tan of Lleyton’s wife Bec Hewitt…now I don’t think she looks too tanned, but who am I to say, given that I look very untanned, yet have watch tan marks.

Bec Hewitt and Cherilyn Hewitt (Lleyton’s mum) image from

Anyway…after Lleyton lost I headed in to watch Rafa play…oh my goodness talk about having to wait while everyone got out and then the stands were cleaned…it was an overcrowded sweatbox on the concourse, nothing like leaning against a bin for recyclables so you don’t pass out…double ear infections don’t enjoy the heat too much.

Finally we were all allowed in…then the dramas really started.

Bernard Tomic

Bernard Tomic

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

A lot of Australians there were supporting dear old Bernie…sorry I can’t say that I was.  I’m not a huge fan of Bernie or Lleyton  Years ago Lleyton was compared to Bart Simpson and that image has stuck with me…as for Bernie, I’ve just never over liked him…sorry.

So the match starts and before we know it Bernie’s off getting medical attention.

Then before you knew it the first set is over and he’s retiring hurt…we got a whole 45 minutes or so of the match before he pulled out…okay I get he is legitimately injured, but he knew that before the match.  The crowd booed, which he wasn’t pleased with, well I’m sorry but at $70 a ticket for adults and $65 for kids it was a rather expensive 45 minutes when you knew you were already hurt, and you knew you couldn’t give 100% to beating Rafa.  Then the crowd all cheered…our boy Bernie thought it was because everyone was happy with him saying sorry and gesturing how bad he felt…um nope, sorry Bernie…it was because Rafa had taken his shirt off.

The media had a field day today with plenty of articles about our boy Bernie…such as this, this, this and this.

Bernard Tomic…waving goodbye and sorry after retiring hurt. image from

As I said…Bernie was waving goodbye and Rafa took his shirt off. image from

Then was the women’s game between Maria Sharapova and Bethanie Mattek-Sands.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova


Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Strangely enough today’s media and press in Australia was not the usual stories on how loud Maria shrieks…no they focused on Bethanie’s outfit in articles like this.

I admit her outfit was different…as was her hair.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ hair…image from

Bethanie Mattek-Sands’ short and skirt with long socks combination…image from

As expected Maria Sharapova won in straight sets…and did a lot of shrieking which I’m sure got louder as the match went on.

Overall it was a nice night…except very few trams available after the match as a result of the heat issue and whilst there were taxis I saw the same person ask two different taxis to take them to where they needed to go (the same place my car was parked) and the driver said no…so I decided to walk to the car…45 minutes later in the 36C (97F) heat I got to the car, even though it was 11:45pm when I left the tennis it was still that warm.


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