Golden Globe fashion

Today the Golden Globes were held…there was the usual drama and sagas.

Naturally not all of them involved the fashion…there was the very wet , flooded red carpet and that was before the event started.

Then there was E! with their not so fun fact about Michael J. Fox…um hello…how the heck is that a fun fact.

image from

But of course the important part of the evening was the fashion.

Let’s start with some of the not so best dressed looks…this is of course in my opinion.

Let’s focus on Matthew McConaughey for a minute…I’m so not liking the jacket or the vest…sorry…image from

Drew Barrymore…sorry Drew I love you, I’m just not loving the frock very much…the flowers are too busy for me. image from

Sandra Bullock…another sorry I love you, but I’m not loving the frock…the cut is nice, it’s just the blue and pink parts, especially at the bottom and inside. image from

Zoe Saldana…sorry but there are no words. images from

Jack Antonoff…I’m sorry honey but short pants!!! It’s the red carpet and a major awards ceremony, look at Matt Damon, please I beg you. image from

Heidi Klum…um what’s with the short underneath dress and sheer top dress??? I don’t get it and I’m not into it, sorry! image from

Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka…ohhhhhhhhh a mullet frock…all I can say is no, no, no, no, no. image from

Adele Exarchopoulos…I like this frock…except for the chest area…that could be a lot kinder to your boobs…sorry love. image from

Paula Patton…oh honey can I ask what is that on your shoulder??? I’m not overly liking it. image from

Emma Watson…all I can say is that people will be talking about his for the rest of her life…is it a frock? Is it a top and pants? Honestly I’m not too sure what to call it. image from

Amy Adams…um between the necklace that goes right between the cleavage and the two tones of the frock I’m not enjoying it…sorry love. image from

Michael Mosberg and Jemima Kirk…OMG!!! I’m sorry Michael but you need the help of Matt Damon and well dressed band of merry men…jeans and a cap…I don’t know what to say!!! image from

Now let’s move onto what I think were some of the best dressed looks.

Reese Witherspoon…I really like this frock!!! image from

Julia Roberts…I might be going against the public view, but I quite like her look. image from

Focus on Matt Damon if you will…this is how men should look on the red carpet…so, so very well dressed. image from

Taylor Swift…I’m loving this look. image from

Sofia Vegara…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this frock…one of my favourites for the night!! image from

Julianna Margulies…I love her in the Good Wife and love this frock.
image from

So there boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen is my opinion on some of the Golden Globe outfits.

And on a side note whilst writing this post I’ve learnt that when doing a caption for an image and I type the web address it automatically puts the link for me…yay for me…saves me a bit of time!


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