Happy, happy, joy, joy

Today’s daily prompt is What does “happiness” look like to you?

Mmmmmm….happiness looks like a lot of things.

  • A nice meal – whether it was made by me or someone else.
  • Laughter – nothing like some completely unexpected laughter to make a person feel happy…cherubs are good at making a teacher laugh for no reason whatsoever and it always makes you very happy.
  • My team winning…there was a lot of happiness and joy involved in Hawthorn winning the 2013 grand final!!!
  • Nice comfortable weather…given the heat and humidity of Country Town, verses the not exactly warm summer weather of Melbourne, weather can indeed be a reason for happiness.
  • Passing a uni essay…given the amount of studying I’ve done over the years I aim solely for a pass, so I’m happy when I do pass.
  • HOLIDAYS!!!!  Yes the end of the school year was slightly tinged with sadness given that I was leaving Country Town, but there was also some happiness in that the full year was finished.


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