World’s biggest moments for 2013

So given that it is New Year’s Eve…even though I’m of the opinion that it is just another day, seriously, I can’t see the point of battling crowds of thousands of people just to see some fireworks while being squashed…maybe it’s all the country life that’s done that to me…here’s a few things that the world has spoken about at great length this year.

Kim and Kanye…oh where do we start on these two???  The over the top proposal, the baby, the video clip for the song with the motorbike, the selfies, the tv shows, the momager’s tv show…oh dear god they’re everywhere.

However in saying that the baby is cute…and set for life with all the gifts she’s already been given.

The only baby talked about more than North West has to be Prince George, son of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

Back to Kardashians for a minute…not Kim though…now it’s Khloe’s turn.

Oh dear lord!!!  That’s all I can say about Khloe and Lamar…she seems normal enough, okay normal may seem like a bizarre word when talking about a Kardashian…but seriously it was about time the poor girl finally gave Lamar the boot and got on with her life as there were ridiculous amounts of headlines with all the rubbish that he was doing…I think it’s time for him to jump off the Kardashian coat-tails and find his own rollercoaster ride to be on.

Cory Monteith passed away this year…now I will admit that I watch Glee.  I have a heap of Glee songs on my laptop and iPod and I happily sing along to the songs, be them popular or daggy.  But in saying that it was rather interesting when they wrote in the death of the character of Finn.

Oh dear lord…Justin Bieber…well I’ve written about him a couple of times…here and here…what is there to say about him other than let’s all do a happy dance now that he’s retired.  Oh wait, he’s young, that might mean that he has only retired for a minute or so…please let’s all hope that it is longer than that.

Angelina Jolie…now I will openly admit here that I’ve never been a huge fan of Angelina before…she just doesn’t do it for me.  However in saying that this year she’s been amazingly impressive!!!  There’s the double mastectomy that was pretty big, there was coming to Australia to do a movie…she’s been to various versions of Country Town and to top it off there was shopping at Target with Brad for the kids Christmas presents, who doesn’t love that???

Rebel Wilson has been in a number of headlines…she hosted the MTV Movie Awards, she starred in Pitch Perfect…how good is that movie and seriously how good is the line  “I’m an open book. I mean, for God’s sake you guys all call me Fat Amy. See, I guess I’m just not really living if I’m not 100% honest. And my real name is Fat Patricia”!

One Direction are always in the news…especially when they hit Australia, oh dear god screaming teenage girls forcing their mothers to drive madly through cities to follow the boys from the airport to their hotel.  In saying that the boys do have their own cute factor going on.

And where would I be without mentioning her highness Miley Cyrus…okay the foam finger was one thing…the twerking, the songs, the videos, the poking out of her tongue in every bloody photo…Miley honey, is it at all possible for you to take a step back in 2014, to save my eyes from photos of you in very little…it’s not much to ask.


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