Daily Prompt: The New School

A couple of days ago there was a daily prompt that said you get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?

As a teacher I’ve spent a number of years playing with the minds of youngsters of varying ages.

I’ve taught children from age 3 to 18 and at times it has been all those ages in the one room with me being the only qualified person in the room.

Would I do away with reading, writing and arithmetic??? The simple answer is HELL NO!!!

Why would anyone ever do away with reading???  I read constantly, I read books, magazines, blogs, facebook, twitter, the list goes on and on.  Without reading life would be so boring.  Without reading we wouldn’t be able to function in the world.  If you can’t read well there goes cooking using a recipe, there goes reading the paperwork for a home loan, car loan, holiday brochure.  See…BORING!!!

Writing, oh how I enjoy writing, it is probably not far behind reading.  As bloggers we’re writing, regardless of if our writing is being read we are writing.  Regardless of the modern languages with texting and the likes we still need to know how to write.

Arithmetic…well not that I call it that, but maths is fun, maths is important, maths is used in so many different ways throughout every day.  Cooking, driving, shopping, paying bills…oh yes paying bills, we all hate it, but we all need to know if we can afford to pay that credit card bill.

But in saying all that children need to be taught about creativity…using their brain in more ways than just the rote learning of times tables, there isn’t much that is more boring than that.

Art however, creating art, responding to other’s artworks, both famous and non-famous.

Having an opinion, kids need to be taught how important it is to have an opinion and more importantly how to justify that opinion…the justification is often more important than the answer of “do you like it or not?”

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