Christmas Day food


Yes I know Christmas was a few days ago…but hear me out.

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas food!!! I don’t do turkey, I don’t do huge chunks of Christmas ham, as for prawns (well I am Australian after all) well I don’t do them if I have to peel them myself, too messy for me.

However in saying that I do do a delicious sweet Christmas breakfast.

In the past few years I’ve done Heston’s popping candy cake that I found here on Chubby Hubby’s blog, but slightly changed as I made one large cake and not smaller cakes and I’ve done Nigella’s chocolate raspberry pavlova and lemon meringue cake.

This year I settled on a peach and raspberry pavlova roulade recipe from the Coles website.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of pav…yes I know I’m Australian, but still…small doses I don’t mind it…but huge big supermarket bought pavs don’t interest me.  Pavs made using Pav Magic don’t interest me.

This is Pav Magic…I have a friend who swears by it…but seriously it’s not hard to make a pav!!

But the pav roulade was interesting and a challenge…making the pav was a breeze, rolling it…oh my goodness well that was rather interesting.

However the photo at the top was the finish product, complete with honey macadamia nuts on top and peaches and raspberries in the middle.  If I say so myself it was delicious.

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