Safety first…

Today’s daily promptshare the story of a time you felt unsafe.

Now there have been a few times I’ve felt unsafe…however one that I never, ever want to go through again was in 2009 when I was living overseas and was quite happy at work after school, in my classroom, all alone, getting a lot done and definitely enjoying the peace and quiet as I had the sorest ear…which ended up being a nasty ear infection…anyway back to the story.

I was in the peace and quiet, the classroom next door was completely empty and all of a sudden I hear a noise…to star with I just thought it was a car backfiring…yeah, I realised it wasn’t when the noise happened a second and third and fourth time…yes, gun shots, very, very close.

The siren went off, but someone got confused and set off the siren for a fire-drill not a lock down…so completely confused I looked out the door and then went straight across the open corridor and into the classroom directly across from me where there were two cherubs, one from my class, both having tutoring and three adults and we stayed in the room where we had a sneaky view of the front gate when we went near one of the windows.

More gun shots went off along with a lot of other noise and we did our best to keep our fear inside and put on a calm and settled face to keep the cherubs calm.

About 20 minutes later we were able to leave the room…and check up on the others still at school.

Turns out that three people had held up either a bank or a large store…at the time nobody was too sure, they had guns and were shooting at police, two had been shot, but one raced down the large drain along the school fence and police got the guards to let them into school and they raced through to get closer to the gunman and shot him in the drain…the next day the front page showed the dead body…yes we hid all those newspapers.

Worse still the drain was on one side of the fence, right on the other side was the basketball court and swimming pool and at least 30 cherubs were still at swimming club training.  Those that were in the pool dived under the water initially, then a lot of them made it into the phys ed teacher’s office until it was safe to come out.

It was definitely an experience I never want to go through again.

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