Come Fly With Me

Today’s daily prompt is share a story about the furthest you’ve ever travelled from home.


I’ve done a fair bit of travelling mostly around Australia.  But I’ve done an overseas trip every year for the past six…if you include the two years that I lived overseas in those six years.  In 2010 I went to Singapore for a few days, 2011 was New York for a week with 12 hours in San Francisco on the way over and 12 hours in LA on the way back, 2012 was Hong Kong for a week and this year was Fiji for a week.

Being a teacher who has a birthday at the end of April means that in Australia my birthday is almost never in the holidays…well almost never until I turned 30…since then my 30th was on the last day of the holiday, no good when the nearest town was 300km down a dirt road, so I stayed at home for that one and celebrated with friends that lived where I worked.  My 35th was in the middle of the holidays, which was the reason for the New York trip.  My 37th was in the middle of the holidays, which was the reason for the Fiji trip.  Who knows when it will ever happen again.

Now back to the travelling.  New York was chosen as it was a place that I always wanted to go to.  It was also a trip where I had decided on everything I wanted to do well before hand and had worked out what day to do what and where to go, there were a few changes along the way when I did things quicker than initially planned, but I did so much in the seven days I was there.

As I wrote in this post early on getting from Country Town to New York was a saga in itself… There’s no easy way to get anywhere from Country Town.  Getting to New York meant drive 100km to the airport, fly for 45 minutes, wait at the airport for 8 hours, fly for four and a half hours, change terminals and wait at the airport for six hours, fly for 13 and a half hours, go through immigration, escape the airport and explore San Francisco for eight hours, go back to the airport, wait for a couple more hours and then finally fly another five hours to finally make it to New York…in case you didn’t want to do the maths that’s 49 hours!!!

I could have gotten there a few hours earlier, but I decided to have the 12 hours in San Francisco (well 12 hours from the plane landing to the next plane taking off) and I’m glad I did, it was only a short time, but I quite enjoyed it and think I’ll go back one day.

While in New York I did so much, went to two baseball games, had heaps of food…had to have a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery, had to try pizza there (actually had pizza for my birthday dinner), went to the theatre three times, went to a couple of museums, went on the Staten Island Ferry, took the subway everywhere (and managed to not get lost), did some shopping…what girl doesn’t want to buy something from Tiffany’s???  I also went to the Top of the Rock, up the Empire State Building and managed to meet a few celebrities…as you do.

Macy’s had a thing where if you bought Rihanna’s perfume then you could meet her and get a photo with her…well I’m not the world’s expert on perfume, but hey meeting Rihanna is not something you get to do every day…or any day in most situations.


Then before I went I found out that a Barnes and Noble story in New York was having Ice-T do an appearance as his autobiography, so of course I decided to go and bought a copy for me, for my best friend and for another friend who’s birthday was while I was on my trip, nothing like a personally autographed copy of Ice-T’s autobiography.  Plus they were filming an episode of his reality show Ice and Coco and Coco was there as well so she signed the book and I had photos with both of them.

It was an amazing week, not the cheapest holiday of my life…but definitely the most amazing and so great and I would love to be able to go there again and stay for a longer time.

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5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. SassyCat
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 23:04:00

    How cool to meet Those Celebs. I love SVU Law & Order.
    Wow…after all that flying. Jetlag?! Ugh. I thought 9 hours on a plane was hard enough. Your photos are beautiful.


  3. Relax
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 23:10:56

    Awesome trip!


  4. znjavid
    Nov 15, 2013 @ 00:29:49

    What a fun trip! Loved your pics. And thanks for following my blog. So happy to have you on board. Best wishes, Zainab


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