Food, glorious, food…

I’m a tad behind my normal schedule for the Daily Prompt today.

Initially when they were released at 8pm my time I would do them at night, then I changed it to the morning, when I first got up and then that made more sense as they were moved to 9pm.  This morning however was almost like a comedy of errors and phone calls going in circles trying to get info for the movers.

Anyway the topic today is tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

The above image is rather poetic.  I quite enjoy making cakes, can’t say the same about icing them, I have to work on my icing skills.  Anyway I enjoy making birthday cakes for a few friends, but as for my own birthday…yeah I get kind of fussy there, especially as it’s been a fair few years since anyone made me a birthday cake.  Even longer since they actually made it for me on my birthday, so I generally decide to make my own, except for this year when I was in Fiji for my birthday and in 2011 when I was in New York for my birthday.

I figure if it is my birthday then I should get the cake I want, not the cake that someone else things that I want.  What’s the point of not being able to choose or at least provide suggestions for your birthday cake?  It’s my cake, I want something that I will enjoy.  So don’t bother coming near me with an almond orange cake, I’m so not interested in it.  I’ll make it for my friend’s birthday, but god help me if I’m tasting it.  Just the stench of the oranges boiling is almost enough to make me vomit.  I know I make a damn good almond orange cake with toffee on the top, but I’ve never tried it and never planned on trying it, but I know it is good as my friend loves it.

As for me…well a nice mud cake would go down well.  A delicious cheesecake, there’s a number of varieties that would go down well.  Nigella’s lemon meringue cake…yes please, any day, any time.  I could keep going on, but I’m sure the calories would attempt to enter my mind, even if the cakes are imaginary.

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