The daily prompt asks what was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 

Luckily for the daily prompt Google and I are the best of friends and see each other regularly and we often look up what may seem like the most random of things and the most ridiculous of things.

In the last few days Google and I have gone looking for (in no particular order):

  • congential nystagmus – for a uni essay
  • play for children with special needs – again for another uni essay
  • access technology – yep…uni essay
  • Australian curriculum – for work
  • Melbourne Cup sweep – for work
  • 2 different state curriculums – strangely enough for work as well
  • furniture – for getting ready to go to Country Town 2.0
  • Grace removals – to book the movers for the move from Country Town to Country Town 2.0

So really nothing overly exciting or frivolous unfortunately.

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