The golden hour…

The daily prompt asks 6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Country Town doesn’t have daylight savings…so this morning sunrise was at 4:54am, first light at 4:31am…which is too damn early!!!  The other side of that problem is that the lovely hand held bell rings at school at 7:40am, no teaching from 9-3 here in Country Town, so I’m usually strolling over to work before 6:30 on most days, 7am on a bad day…I’m not sure what Country Town 2.0 will be like, other than it has daylight savings, so this morning they’ve got first light at 5:57am and sunrise at 6:22am.

Now I’m not the world’s best morning person!!!  Thank God I live alone so I don’t have to deal with others first thing in the morning as that’s not the best thing in the world.  I used to always watch the early news either on Sunrise or The Today Show, the last couple of months though I haven’t done that.  I wake up, get up, go to the loo, sit on the couch, check my emails, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and this blog and then contemplate breakfast and a shower and the 30 second stroll over to work.

Even when I’m on holidays and on the weekend I tend to wake before 5am, but then I’ll happily roll over and go back to sleep, or get up, do a few things and go back for a nap a few hours later.  The added bonus of living on my own.

Monday mornings however are the worst time for 6am to come around.  No matter how hard I try falling asleep on Sunday night is never easy, it is always difficult and I can still be tossing and turning at 1:45am on a regular Sunday night, as much as I try to fall asleep earlier.

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  1. Writer in Progress
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 07:47:21

    I totally can Identify with some of this :))))) Especially, the funny at the top.


  2. Trackback: Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour | Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

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