And you thought you knew me…

Today’s daily prompt made me laugh…seriously!!  It says your entire community — however you define that; your hometown, your neighborhood, your family, your colleagues — is guaranteed to read your blog tomorrow. Write the post you’d like them all to see.

Well that would be something new as nobody in any of those communities has seen this blog…I’ve mentioned to a whole three people that I know that this blog exists, for the sole reason that I feel the need and desire to express myself and I don’t feel the need or desire for the comments that may come through some people when they read it and it’s for me essentially, not for anyone else.

Anyway the first asked what it was called…now I’d had a bottle and a bit of bubbly by this stage and my response was “um, I can’t remember…but it’s about being a country bumpkin and not a city girl.”  Then I was asked the web address of the blog, my response “yeah I have no chance of remembering that, I never type it into the internet” (well that wasn’t even a stretch of the truth).  The third person was told by the second person and they’re not really the most computer or internet type person in the world so their response was “are you doing this to find a date?”… let’s just say I could have choked on my drink at that moment!!! There is no chance of that!!!

Anyway here’s my post to my entire community….

Welcome, Country Bumpkin here, nice of you to join me.  See I might be that nobody that you smile and wave at as you drive past, or the person you say hi to in the supermarket, but I’ll tell you this much…you really don’t know me at all.  It goes both ways though as I really don’t know you at all and there’s a lot of you that I really don’t want to get to know…don’t take it personally, I have just decided that it is better to focus my energies on myself and those that are important to me…sorry if you don’t make the list.

Oh, so you’re wondering why you didn’t know about this amazingly well written, well viewed path to world domination…yeah I just answered that, you don’t know me, so why would I tell you about it.  I don’t write it for your praise, I don’t write it for your comments, criticism or enjoyment…I write it because I feel like it.  Sure I would have shared it with you one day…maybe, if the planets had of aligned and if there was a chance the mainstream media found something amazing and they were going to expose me secret identity…oh wait, that’s right, I’m not Superman or Batman or even Ironman for that matter and there actually are a couple of things on here that show my identity.  But for right now I’m happy with the fact that you haven’t known this exists.

In saying that though, if you feel the need to browse, look around, find out a little bit more about me…I can guarantee you’ll learn a thing, or two, or two million…there is a lot you don’t know about after all!

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