Childlike…daily prompt

The daily prompt normally comes through at 8pm (another 1hr 20mins or so)…last night I had a lovely little doze on the couch just after 8pm.  It was the first day back with the cherubs for the final term before the end of the school year, Christmas holidays…so I was slightly worn out, plus it was quite warm.

So here’s the daily prompt…childlike.  Well I get to live that quite often, almost daily.  There’s nothing like the laugh and a smile of a child, especially their laughter when you’re reading them a funny book and to see how much they’re enjoying it, especially when it is something that an adult doesn’t necessarily find funny.  They make you look at the world through a different set of eyes to an extent.

shirl kindy

So here’s me as  a gorgeous little 3 or 4 year old when I was in kindy, back in 1980…makes me feel old at times, especially when I consider the phone in the photo and how I let kindy aged kids play on computers and use ipads.

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