Daily Prompt: Mix Tape Masterpiece

Today’s daily prompt is a good one…a fun one and an easy one.

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

Well I’ve been doing my song of the day post every day on here and it started out as songs that I really like and it has kind of evolved into different songs depending on the mood when I do the posts as I do a week’s worth at a time and schedule them.

However musically I’m rather complex.

There’s the side of me that loves Bon Jovi and Pearl Jam and has since I was a teenager.  That’s the side of me that nobody expects me to have when they first meet me.

Better Man is one of my two most favourite songs in the entire world and I find a lot of meaning in the song…long story, not for this post.

It’s My Life is my other favourite song…it also has a lot of meaning and would be played every day for months on end on full volume in my classroom at my first school after the cherubs went home.  It kept reminding me that it is in fact my life!!

I’m not the world’s best country music fan, but will happily delve into a bit of Lady Antebellum for a good sing along.

I’ve been known to sing along to Bruno Mars on more than one occasion and quite happily do so…but then there’s the influence that my best friend and his musical choices have on me.  When he was younger Eminem was a huge influence in his music choices, so I had the privilege or not of listening to endless hours of Eminem, there’s only so much you can listen to on a long, long road trip.  So thing song perfectly blends the two of us.  I think I’m still recovering from when one of the cherubs wanted to Google him the other week and I discovered that Eminem is in fact older than me.  I’m not sure who was more shocked, me or the cherub.

Oh and I’ve got a huge daggy music side…which definitely fits me perfectly as I’m not the most popular or the most fashionable person out there.  But there is nothing like a bit of daggy dancing around the kitchen while singing completely happily.




It’s an added bonus that Glee has made some of these songs popular again, strangely enough the cherubs can’t believe that I can sing these word for word when they can’t…it’s the years of experience.  Which was never more evident or more surprising for the cherubs until I played this clip for them and was able to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song word for word…proving my coolness and dagginess in the same moment…coolness to them, dagginess to me.



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jill
    Oct 06, 2013 @ 21:27:12

    i agree with you! this is definitely a fun topic. loving those youtube links for easy reference.


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