Daily Prompt: Are you being served? BAD service!!!

I’m starting today’s daily prompt with the BAD service…I’ll get onto the good service later!

Ohhhhhhh I could write a novel on bad service I’ve experienced over the years, but here’s a bit of naming and shaming!!!

Coles Supermarket is an absolute shocker, especially the one in the next town to Country Town.  I literally stand there repacking my bags of groceries after carefully placing them in a good packing order on the belt and the checkout because they notoriously feel the need to place and form of cleaning product in with meat, fruit or vegetables.  WHERE THE HELL DID THEY LEARN THAT SKILL???  Driving 100km (62 miles) home from Coles with the groceries in the car means I don’t want to risk having washing powder or dishwashing liquid in the same grocery bag in the boot of my car with the chicken, steak, tomatoes etc.  When it happens multiple times in one shop I start to get seriously annoyed and tell them not to bother fixing it as I’ll fix it myself while they’re watching and not learning.

Australia Post now I know I live in Country Town and I know that normally mail takes two weeks to get to me, but that is no excuse for a parcel that was dispatched from online shopping that went on a full tour of Australia before finally reaching me, 5 weeks later!!! It was sent to a town 3,500km away first (wrongly sorted) then back to where it was sent from and then finally got to me.  A second parcel from the same shop made it to me in 10 days and arrived before the first parcel, I nearly dropped dead in shock!!!

Harvey Norman…I almost want to say don’t get me started on here.  A fair few years back they were good, can’t say the same these days, or in the last few years.  I bought an iPod connector from there a few years ago while driving from my mum’s to Country Town (a mere 4,100km or 2548 miles), went out to my car to put it in and realised instantly it didn’t seem to be right, tried to take it out and it pulled the whole connector from the car.  Went straight back in to the store to get a refund and they didn’t believe me…yeah strange how they believed me when I walked them out to my car and then put it on Twitter, it was one dodgy iPod connector out of all of them, but they weren’t willing to believe that it could do the damage.

I could add so many more to this list and may as time goes on….


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  8. helen meikle's scribblefest
    Sep 20, 2013 @ 07:54:15

    Oh yes! and the temptation is to take them by the throat and say, ‘Listen, you ape, I had to drive two hours to get here, don’t tell me to come back tomorrow.’ Tho my Country Town isn’t as remote as yours, I don’t think.


    • shirlld
      Sep 20, 2013 @ 16:09:56

      It’s like when the bank says to pop in to the nearest branch….I’m with two bansk, one is 100km to nearest branch, other is 630km and a different state & timezone, but hey I’m sure I can afford a day off and the fuel costs to pop in…NOT!!!


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