Organisation….and more than 50 posts

Now I’m not the most organised person in the world…however.

I have my work plan for the week done before Monday morning, but it always changes during the week.

I know what days I’m going to the post office to check the mail, it’s a regular thing that a friend and I do every Monday and then I do again on Thursday (no home letter box or home delivered mail here in Country Town).

I have a vague idea what I’m cooking for dinner before I go to work in the morning, sometimes even a few days in advance.

I know my weekly timetable at work off by heart, which is a HUGE feat!!! I change classes on an almost hourly basis.

I know when my uni work and my work stuff are due.  Essay and presentation for uni subject due by 6pm today, which is 4pm Country Town time, which meant it was submitted a while ago after one last read through.  (I don’t aim for perfection, a pass is good enough for me, it is my second masters after all).

I know when my sports teams are play (that’s ingrained into my brain).

But to keep on top of this blog and the small few that are reading it regularly I’m getting organised ahead of myself.  I’ve done the song of the day posts for the next 5 days already and scheduled them.  It requires a bit of thinking for them, and some of it was uni essay avoidance.  I did the rugby league, rugby union and AFL player of the week posts that went up yesterday last Monday as I was inspired, the cricket one will be done tonight after I’ve decided who it will be, that’s not so easy to decide.

But I’ve now passed 50 posts!!!!  Heck that’s pretty impressive if I say so myself.  Pity I can’t be marked on how many words I’ve written on here instead of in my uni essay as I know I’ve passed the required 20-30 references post 2001 that I needed to include for my uni essay.

It is now 6:40am, which means finish the last mouthful of breakfast and head off to work.

Have a nice day everyone!!!


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