So this is post 15 and I’ve said a lot of things about sport, a bit about travel, a bit about books, a bit about tv, a bit about music and about living in Country Town.

So I’ve decided it’s time to write a bit about me, so here’s a list of 50 things about me…

  1. I’m 37.
  2. I had my 37th birthday in Fiji.
  3. I had my 35th birthday in New York.
  4. I had my 30th birthday in a remote desert version of Country Town.
  5. I have been overseas every year for the past six years.
  6. The first two of those years were to live overseas.
  7. I have been to 10 countries (Australia, New Zealand (a flight stopover only for a few hours, but it counts), America, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau (only for a day, but it counts), China (only for a day, but yet again it counts and Fiji).
  8. The furthest I’ve driven in one day is 1650km (or 1025 miles for those of you that work in miles).
  9. I haven’t had my birthday with anyone in my family since 1998, only because I currently live 4,100km from where they all currently live (or 2547 miles), or a 3 & 1/2 day drive.
  10. I have lived in five states or territories of Australia (Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia).
  11. I’ve shaved my hair off twice in my life.
  12. My hair is currently grey and I haven’t dyed it for 18 months, since I last shaved it off, I prefer the grey colour.
  13. I work in education.
  14. I work in a Catholic school.
  15. I’m Ukrainian Orthodox.
  16. The only words I can say in Ukrainian are the names of my favourite foods and a couple of other words.
  17. I’m the eldest of two girls.
  18. I’m left handed.
  19. But I can’t use scissors in my left hand.
  20. I read constantly.
  21. I prefer Twitter to Facebook.
  22. I have 33 friends on Facebook, because I like to remove ones I have nothing to say to on a regular basis.
  23. I hated cooking when I was younger.
  24. I love to cook now.
  25. People at work think I’m good at cooking sweet things, that’s because I keep the savoury stuff all at home and take some of the sweet stuff to work.
  26. I love to cook lasagne most of all.
  27. I am completely clueless when it comes to politics.
  28. I hate oranges.
  29. However, I have made an orange cake for one of my closest friends for her last two birthdays.
  30. I especially hate the smell of my kitchen after boiling oranges for 90 minutes for the orange cake.
  31. I love watching Survivor.
  32. I hate camping.
  33. I’m not a water person.
  34. However I’ve been snorkelling twice, the second time this year.
  35. I got hit in the ankle by a flying fish while snorkelling in Fiji, having a bruised, swollen ankle wasn’t the best thing for the rest of the holiday.
  36. My favourite movie of all time is Top Gun (I did say all time…).
  37. I watched Top Gun in the cinema in New York on my 35th birthday.
  38. I have a few uni degrees.
  39. I have two bachelor degrees.
  40. I have a masters degree and am doing a second.
  41. I have two graduate certificates.
  42. I have a completely nerdy side, but at times I prefer to keep it well hidden.
  43. I can’t use chopsticks.
  44. I have a dodgy right ankle.
  45. My dodgy right ankle has had surgery twice.
  46. My dodgy right ankle, it’s missing bits of bones, it’s arthritis and I have a love-hate relationship.
  47. I have a two year old god-daughter.
  48. I have a soon to be god-son that’s six weeks old today.
  49. I love chocolate.
  50. I want to go to Italy one day.

There we go, 50 things about me.


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