So I’m obsessed to an extent with sport, my other obsession is food……since moving to Country Town I have managed to completely fill one bookshelf with cookbooks and am halfway through the second bookshelf, which is an even bigger effort given that I had to put the bookshelves together and I am so not a handy-person in any way, shape or form.  It took me about 1&1/2 hours to put the first bookshelf together.  I also look at plenty of recipes online.  The only problem is that I have quite literally the world’s tiniest kitchen and there are so many food items you cannot but in Country Town, or the next town.

I’ve got a few favourite chefs….such as………..

Heston Blumenthal

I will not hear a bad word about Heston, if Heston was to knock on my door (yes I know there is no chance of that happening in Country Town), but I would be rendered speechless and watch him cooking with my chin on the ground and gaping wide open mouth, such is my adoration for Heston.  I have made his popping-candy chocolate cake….OMG so so good!!!  And no this is not my photo of the cake… 

Heston’s popping-candy chocolate cake!

Nigella Lawson

I adore Nigella, she is food porn to the extreme.  I love watching Nigella, love her recipes.  Have tried numerous recipes.

Chocolate cloud cake… good

Nigella’s chocolate cloud cake, her website’s photo

Forgotten pudding….so simple and easy

Forgotten pudding…pic from Nigella’s website

Lemon meringue cake….so, so, so, so, so good!!!

Lemon meringue cake….pic from Nigella’s website

Chocolate raspberry pavlova….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Chocolate raspberry pav, photo form Nigella’s website

Of course I also adore Donna Hay….

Donna Hay

Her chocolate salted caramel tart is to die for…

Chocolate salted caramel tart – pic from Donna Hay’s site

And of course Adriano Zumbo…………..OMG the man is a genius of cooking sweet things!!!  As opposed to those that know nothing about Australian celebrity chefs and have no idea who Zumbo is and think you’re talking of Zumba…yeah not likely!

Adriano Zumbo

I mean hello……….. I would quite happily eat this….not cook it, but eat it!!

Zumbo’s Vanilla V8 cake

It may look rather simple, but don’t judge a cake by it’s cover….there are the following things are part of this recipe:

  • vanilla creme chantilly
  • toasted vanilla brulee
  • vanilla water gel
  • vanilla glaze
  • vanilla ganache
  • brown sugar crumble
  • vanilla macaron
  • vanilla dacquiose
  • vanilla chiffon cake
  • vanilla almond crunch
  • vanilla syrup and
  • white chocolate flowers and tiles.

Just a few things!!


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